• Organisation PaleoTime-NL: Paleontica-Fossiel.net, Werkgroep Fossielen Wageningen and the Paleobiologische Kring
  • Location: Bouw & Infra Park, Ceintuurbaan 2, 3847LG, Harderwijk
  • Sign in and build-up by exhibitors: between 09:00 and 10:30.
  • Open for visitors: non-stop from 10:30 to 16:00
  • Wrap-up and break-down by exhibitors: from 16:00
  • Entrance fee visitors: Free, voluntary contribution welcome
  • Exhibition fee: Voluntary contribution (indication €17.50 per table to cover the costs of the event)

Registration of exhibitors

We like to welcome anybody interested in exhibiting and selling fossils at the PaleoTime-NL international fossil show to register via our online registration form. This fossil show is a venue for amateurs, commercial traders using extortionate prices are therefore not welcome. The organization asks participants to respect and have compliance with the following principles:

  • We maintain a friendly atmosphere
  • We stimulate the exchange of fossils
  • We interchange information on determinations, literature, localities, preparation techniques and maintaining collections
  • Any incomes coming from the selling of fossils is to be re-invested in the hobby (no personal profits)
  • We use reasonable prizes
  • There will be no entrance fee and we do not ask a fixed exhibition fee for regular exhibitors. To cover the costs of this event (amongst others the rent of the accommodation), we will ask the exhibitors for a voluntary contribution (indication: €17.50 per table). It is very easy to register, using the online registration form.

    We kindly request museums and associations and societies of fossil collectors interested in having a booth at our fossil show to send an email to beurs@fossiel.net to coordinate individual needs and wishes. For museums and societies we use a set admission fee.

    Rules and regulations

  • 1. The organizers all times reserve the right to change the location, date and time of the event because of special circumstances, without the participants or exhibitors being entitled to any form of compensation.
  • 2. All exhibitors are required to register using the digital registration form below. Registration requires a participant to show up at our event. There is no registration fee. Exhibitors can request a maximum of 4 meters of table per participant.
  • 3. The exhibitors build up their exhibition/booth/stand before the opening of the event and break it down after the closing time of the event.
  • 4. Exhibitors are required to bring protective sheets for the tables (no protection=no exhibition)
  • 5. Potential damage caused by exhibitors, to the tables or otherwise, will be charged to the exhibitors.
  • 6. The communication on all offered specimens needs to be complete and clear. For every offered object, all required information, on the locality, stratigraphy, age and identification, needs to be provided as good as possible. For any pieces that have been repaired or restored in any way, the restorations need to be clear and pro-actively communicated.
  • 7. Allowed at this fossil show are:
    - Fossils (with information on the identification, locality, age and stratigraphy)
    - For didactic purposes, cut fossils
    - Geological materials, such as tools, preparation tools, storage materials, etc.
    - Replicas of fossils, if, and only if, this is clearly indicated on the label
  • 8. Not allowed at this fossil show are:
    - Objects that do not belong in paleontology and geology
    - Minerals
    - Archeological objects
    - Forgeries
    - jewelry, polished rocks and any references to medicinal/medical purposes
    - Recent material such as shells and corals.
  • 9. Every participant needs to endorse the rules of conduct and regulations provided by the organization.
  • 10. It is reserved to the organizers to determine that objects that do not meet the requirements set by the organization must be removed of stands.
  • 11. The organizers disclaim any responsibility for theft, damage or accidents during the event.
  • 12. The organizers decide in case of disagreement.
  • 13. Subscriptions may be refused by the organizers without providing any reasons.